The Gospel Broadcasting Network Preach the Gospel to every creature” is a charge current in every generation until the end of time. Admittedly, reaching every soul with the message of salvation is challenging, considering the world’s population of over six billion could double by the year 2040! Coupled with the fact that about a hundred precious souls are dying every minute, the problem the Lord’s people face in reaching a world rapidly rushing into eternity is obvious. However, since God desires that all men be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth, we must believe He has given His people the power and potential to solve the problem of reaching every soul with the truth In Search of the Lord’s Way The intention of In Search of the Lord's Way is to spread the gospel message of Jesus Christ and we encourage the use of this media in bible classes, as an outreach tool, as an encouragement or in any way that it can be used to aid this purpose. All of the audio, video and written content on this website is the sole property of In Search of the Lord's Way and Mack Lyon. Apologetics Press For more than 30 years Apologetics Press has published and disseminated materials for self study, group study, or evangelistic purposes. Topics range from evidences supporting the Christian Faith to highly controversial areas that challenge that Faith. Every two years we prepare a catalog of A.P. publications.